SVHI PRP Therapy Announces New Post on PRP Therapy for Hair Loss for Bay Area Women

San Mateo, California – August 30, 2020. SHVI PRP Therapy,  serving the Bay Area with alternative hair loss treatments based on PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), is proud to announce a new post on male and female hair loss and how PRP therapy is especially applicable to female hair loss restoration. PRP hair treatment Bay Area for WomenThe post dives into the topic, and also explains that hair transplantation and other options can be explained by Dr. Miguel Canales, founder of SVHI PRP Therapy.

“Women’s hair loss differs from men’s in that it is often thinning throughout the scalp versus a single, totally bald area,” explained Miguel Canales, surgeon, and founder of SVHI PRP therapy. “For this reason, PRP therapy for hair loss is often indicated as a good therapy for women. Many Bay Area women who are interested in PRP therapy for hair loss are overjoyed to find our Foster City location and how convenient it is to the entire San Francisco Peninsula, from San Mateo to Burlingame, Palo Alto to South San Francisco and everywhere in between.”

Persons who would like to review the post can view it at The post goes into the basics of male vs. female hair loss, and how PRP therapy is just one option among many to mitigate hair loss. Indeed, interested persons are referred to the company’s hair transplant “sister site” at That site focuses primarily on hair transplantation using the ARTAS robotic hair transplant system.


Here is the background on this release. Female hair loss is different from male hair loss, in that commonly women tend to use hair throughout the scalp whereas men often lose all their hair on some areas and retain their hair on others. For this reason, the therapies for hair restoration that work for women are somewhat different than those that work for men. PRP, or platelet-rich plasma therapy, is one of the techniques that can be very effective for women who are facing hair loss. However, no two scales are alike, and the best course of action for any woman in the Bay Area who is suffering from hair loss is to reach out to a hair loss rationalist. A specialist can evaluate the situation and give evidence-based recommendations on the best therapies for female hair loss, including but not limited to PRP therapy.


SVHI PRP Therapy is a Bay Area company based in Foster City, California that offers PRP for hair loss to clients from San Francisco to San Mateo, Palo Alto to Redwood City, Redwood City to Burlingame and beyond. Clients who are suffering from hair loss and are seeking innovative therapy come to SVHI PRP Therapy to explore their options, including PRP therapy for hair loss. The company offers a no-obligation consultation on hair loss with Dr. Miguel Canales, a recognized specialist in the hair loss industry, including hair transplantation.