Bay Area Residents Are Conscious of their Hair

Bay Area residents are image-conscious! We might think that only the Angelinos care about how they look, but let’s be honest: everyone wants to look good!PRP is a new hair loss treatment.

However, some things can certainly detract from the way we look, and one of those is thinning hair. Unfortunately, thinning hair affects a fair proportion of the population and it can happen to anyone. That is just the way it is.

Now until only the 1950’s, if you had hair loss you were stuck with it. Then some smart surgeon invented hair transplants and since then there have been developments right up to the point where today you can have your hair transplant done by a robot! Yes, a computer-controlled robot can provide you with a hair transplant.

However, this may not be suitable for everyone who is suffering from thinning hair, but new procedures are coming into being, and one of those is PRP for hair loss in the Bay Area. Furthermore, it is available right here and right now at Silicon Valley Hair Institute in Foster City.

PRP Uses Some Of Your Own Blood Cells

PRP stands Platelet-Rich Plasma and it uses some of your own blood to help hair grow. Human blood consists of red and white blood cells, plasma, and platelets. Platelets are what begin the process of blood coagulation when a wound occurs, so they are the first step in the healing process. It is thought that if you can increase the number of platelets in a wounded area it would speed up the healing process.

In the use of PRP for hair loss in the Bay Area, some of the patient’s own blood is spun in a centrifuge and this has the effect of separating the solid and liquid parts of the blood. The effect is to increase the platelet count in the plasma by three to five times. The PRP is then put into a syringe and injected into the areas of thinning hair where it seems to stimulate the growth of hair. Repeat treatments are needed at four-week intervals for the next two months and they each take about an hour. After the first three treatments, the interval can be dropped to every three months thereafter, depending upon the response of the individual patient.

PRP for hair loss in the Bay Area potentially stimulates growth of thin miniaturized hairs into thicker (terminal) hairs and the effects begin to be noticed after 2 – 6 months.

If you think that PRP for hair loss might be suitable for you, our Dr Miguel Canales provides all patients with a completely free consult during which he can assess the condition of your scalp and advise you as to your suitability.

Furthermore, if you do have PRP for hair loss, the Angelinos will never know!