PRP May, or May Not, Be Right for Your Hair Loss. Get a Free Consultation

Peninsula residents have the best of both worlds. We’re very urban and not far from San Francisco and all that it offers. And, we’re suburban, so we have an easy lifestyle. We also have great weather. A free consultation about PRP for hair loss.However, many of the residents are on the older side, and as a result quite a few people suffer from hair loss. Fortunately for those people, we have Silicon Valley Hair Institute which is based in Foster City and has a branch in Palo Alto as well.

At Silicon Valley Hair Institute, the director is Dr. Miguel Canales, and he is a world-renowned expert on the subject of hair loss and thinning hair. Dr. Canales keeps well abreast of every latest development in the restoration of thinning hair, and one of the latest advances is the use of PRP for hair loss on the San Francisco Peninsula.

An Exciting New Technology

PRP stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma and it is an exciting technology that is used for several physical ailments, but only recently has it been extended to a treatment for hair loss. In fact, PRP for hair loss on the San Francisco Peninsula is in its’ infancy but is already showing great promise. And it might just be the right treatment for you if you are suffering from thinning hair.

Platelet-Rich Plasma is blood which contains between three and five times the amount of platelets that are found in the blood circulating in the body, and it is produced by taking a sample of your blood and spinning it in a centrifuge. This has the effect of separating the solid parts of the blood from the liquid and in addition includes bioactive proteins that help with wound healing and hair growth.

The PRP is then injected into the areas of thinning hair to potentially stimulate the growth of thin miniaturized hairs into thicker terminal hairs. It is best used in areas of thinning hair as opposed to areas which are completely bald.

The actual treatment takes about an hour, and Dr. Canales administers a further two treatments at four-week intervals. Depending upon your individual response, additional treatments can be applied at three-month intervals thereafter.

As we said, the treatment is in its’ infancy and is not yet widely available. However, it is showing considerable promise. If you think that PRP for hair loss on the San Francisco Peninsula may be an option for you, Dr. Canales is happy to provide all patients with a completely free consultation which can either be carried out in the office, or online if you prefer.