Women’s Hair Loss Differs From Men: Women Don’t Usually Have Bald Areas

Suffering from thinning hair can be considerably worrying. You look in the mirror one morning and you notice that there are one or two areas of your hair which don’t seem to be quite as full as they were. Women’s hair loss is different from men.While this may take time to sink in, unfortunately if you are one of the many people who are affected by this condition, it is just bad luck. Some people never have an issue with thinning hair, and good luck to them. But they are in the minority. Losing hair creeps up a little at a time.

But oddly enough, the process of thinning hair is different in women from the way it works in men. In men, the hair certainly starts to become thinner, but then bald patches begin to form.

Women are different. They tend to have thinning areas of hair, but they do not usually lose all the hair, and so they don’t suffer from bald spots. After all, it is commonplace to see men with no hair at all, or at least very little, but you cannot say that of women.

Losing hair can affect people in a number of different ways. It has to be said that quite a number of men just regard it as part of the process of aging and don’t really regard it as an issue. On the other hand, there are men who are seriously concerned about the way that they appear to others.

In women, it is probably fair to say that just about every one of them who suffers from thinning hair also suffers from feelings ranging from embarrassment to considerable discomfort, for the simple reason that women overall do not have the issue of thinning hair.

The Good News

If you are of the female gender and have issues with thinning hair, the good news is that there are answers. One of the latest is PRP for hair loss in women.

So, what is PRP for hair loss in women? Well, it is a very recent development in the restoration of thinning hair and, incidentally, seems to work as well for men as it does for women.

PRP stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma which is derived from your own blood. Platelets are the parts of the blood which begin the process of coagulation when you suffer a skin wound, but it has also recently been discovered that they can also help with the growth of hair follicles. They can help turn tiny, miniaturized hairs into full and thick hairs.

If you would like to learn more about PRP for hair loss in women, make an appointment to see our Dr. Miguel Canales at Silicon Valley Hair Institute when he can see if you are suitable for the procedure and answer all your questions.