SVHI PRP Therapy Announces New Post on PRP for Hair Loss in the Bay Area

San Mateo, California – May 29, 2020. SHVI PRP Therapy, a Bay Area clinic focused on treatments for PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) hair loss therapy is proud to announce a new post to its blog focused on PRP hair loss options for Bay Area customers. PRP Therapy for Hair Loss in the Bay AreaThe post explains how with an office centrally located in Foster City, the clinic offers PRP therapy in a convenient setting for busy Bay Area consumers from San Francisco to San Mateo, Foster City to Burlingame, and everywhere else on the Peninsula.

“Not every hair loss clinic offers PRP therapy for hair loss issues,” explained Miguel Canales, surgeon, and founder of SVHI PRP therapy. “We’re excited to offer the procedure as well as other full-service alternatives such as hair transplantations. An initial consult is the first step towards recovering one’s hair and looking better and more self-confident.”

Bay Area residents can review the post at There, they can educate themselves on what platelet-rich plasma therapy is, its potential as a treatment for hair loss in both men and women, and review the options including consultation with Dr. Miguel Canales. Alternatively, they can visit the Silicon Valley Hair Institute ( which offers hair transplantation services. And for those interested in skincare, the company operates Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology at which offers best-in-class laser therapies for improved skincare.


Here is the background for this release. Most men and many women will experience hair loss during their lifetimes. Aging in and of itself can cause thinning hair, and in many cases, additional genetic issues will exacerbate the hair loss issue. Fortunately, new treatments are available from medical to hair transplantation to PRP therapy. The best course of action is to take the action of requesting a consultation with a medical doctor. With offices in Foster City, California, the clinic is available to nearby consumers in San Mateo, Burlingame, and even San Francisco.


SVHI PRP Therapy  is a Bay Area company based in Foster City, California that offers PRP for hair loss to clients from San Francisco to San Mateo, Palo Alto to Redwood City, Redwood City to Burlingame and beyond. Clients who are suffering from hair loss and are seeking innovative therapy come to SVHI PRP Therapy to explore their options, including PRP therapy for hair loss. The company offers a no-obligation consultation on hair loss with Dr. Miguel Canales, a recognized specialist in the hair loss industry, including hair transplantation.