There Is a New Treatment for Hair Loss in San Mateo Called PRP

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma and is created using a patient’s own blood. PRP is a new treatment for hair loss.PRP is used in many areas of medicine, including the acceleration of healing of tendon injuries, the treatment of osteoarthritis, in some aspects of dental work (e.g. jaw reconstruction), and in cardiovascular medicine. The concentrated form of plasma has been shown to accelerate wound healing and tissue repair and, thus, could potentially benefit hair restoration procedures.

If you are suffering from thinning hair in San Mateo, it is possible that you could benefit from PRP. At Silicon Valley Hair Institute in Foster City, we are using PRP to help patients with thinning hair. It is a new treatment for hair loss and works best on people with thinning hair rather than those with completely bald areas. The reason for that appears to be that it stimulates the growth of miniaturized hairs, making them grow into full thick hairs. It certainly works, but not for everyone.

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If you think that we could help you with PRP in San Mateo, reach out to us for a free consultation. Our Director, Dr Miguel Canales, is always happy to provide a free consult and he will be able to assess if you are a suitable candidate for PRP in San Mateo. If you are, your treatment can commence at the same time.

You will need two further treatments at four-week intervals and then, depending upon how well you respond, every three months or so. You should be able to see a response within 2 – 6 months.

The way that the treatment works is that a sample of your blood is taken and then spun in a centrifuge. This has the effect of separating out the solid particles from the liquid, and the resultant plasma contains between three and five times as many platelets as there are in the normal blood circulating in your body. This PRP is then injected into the areas of thinning hair and stimulates their growth.

It is thought that the introduction of these platelets and white blood cells increases the natural wound-healing mechanism of the body. In addition, it seems that the PRP can stimulate the stem cells of newly transplanted hair follicles. This means that it can be a useful adjunct to a hair transplant using the ARTAS robotic system of hair transplantation, so can also be of benefit to those with bald areas.

If you would like to explore the possibilities of PRP in San Mateo, then please click on the Free Consult link at the top of the page to make an appointment with Dr. Canales.