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Come to Foster City for the Best Bay Area PRP Treatment for Hair Loss

San Franciscans are people who are on the ball and always ready to grasp the use of the latest technology. That goes for developments in all sorts of different fields. One of the latest technologies is for hair loss and is called PRP hair treatment right here in the San Francisco Bay Area. (more…)

Thinning Hair Is Embarrassing So the Sooner You Take Action the Better

Losing hair is something that happens to very many people as they get older and it can have a number of different effects. People react to it differently, with a proportion of them, especially men, regarding it as “just one of those things” and taking little notice of it. (more…)

Bay Area Residents Are Making Inquiries About Prp as a Hair Loss Therapy

Bay Area residents are returning to work as the Pandemic, finally and hopefully, begins to calm down. We're working hard to help them - and many have come to our clinic to inquire about new therapies for hair loss, including "Platelet-Rich Plasma” therapy. (more…)

In Foster City We Provide Cutting-Edge Technologies for Hair Loss

Burlingame residents are techies! They love to experience new technologies, and some are willing to try out PRP for hair loss in Burlingame. We're right next door in Foster City, and you - too - can experience the cutting-edge therapies to mitigate the loss of your youthful hair! (more…)
PRP for Hair Loss Bay Area

PRP Is a New Procedure That Is Used for Replacing Lost Hair

If you live in South San Francisco and suffer from hair loss, you are by no means alone. Recent figures have shown that some 40% of men are showing signs of hair loss by the age of 35, while the same percentage of women are suffering by the age of 40. Those figures increase rapidly as you age. (more…)