Bay Area Residents Are Making Inquiries About Prp as a Hair Loss Therapy

Bay Area residents are returning to work as the Pandemic, finally and hopefully, begins to calm down. We’re working hard to help them – and many have come to our clinic to inquire about new therapies for hair loss, including “Platelet-Rich Plasma” therapy.PRP hair treatment Bay Area for Women

The good news is that there’s still time to work on your hair before Zoom goes bye-bye and face-to-face says hello. PRP for hair loss in the Bay Area may be suitable.

Let’s face it: thinning hair can be a dreadful embarrassment for many people. Some people just grin and bear it, accepting it for what it is – just one of those things. But for others, it can have a dreadful effect on self-confidence. During the pandemic, while we have all been at home, things have not been as bad because we have been alone and not out and about.

However, now that it is time to return to the office, some people are really worried about hair loss and desperate to do something about it. For those people, PRP for hair loss in the Bay Area may be the answer.

It has to be emphasized that PRP for hair loss is a new therapy and there has only been a limited number of studies about its’ effectiveness. In that sense, it could be described as still in its’ infancy, but nonetheless there have been some encouraging results.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Right Here in Foster City, California!

PRP stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma and is created using the patient’s own blood. A small amount is collected and is spun in a centrifuge, which has the effect of separating the liquid and solid parts of the blood. To the solid parts are added platelet activators such as calcium chloride and thrombin, and also collagen is sometimes used as well. This produces a concentrated blood plasma which will contain anywhere between three and five times as many platelets as normal blood.

Platelets are what start the body’s response to healing wounds by initiating the first step in the coagulation of the blood. Therefore, it is thought that by increasing the number of platelets in a wounded area the body’s response to healing would be that much faster.

At Silicon Valley Hair Institute, Dr. Miguel Canales is a foremost expert in the treatment of hair loss and has seen some results with PRP. The treatment takes about an hour, and after the first session, there are two more at four-weekly intervals. Depending upon your response, further treatments are carried out every three months.

If PRP for hair loss in the Bay Area is of interest to you, please make an appointment with Dr Canales – which is free of charge – when he can assess your hair loss and answer your questions.