PRP Could Benefit San Francisco Residents Suffering Hair Loss

San Francisco is a beautiful city, and its residents strive to be beautiful. Let’s face it: we are as vain as they are in Los Angeles (but we just don’t admit it!). Don’t be ashamed. You have the money, and you deserve better-looking hair. And there are more ways of tackling thinning hair today than you might imagine. One of these could be PRP for hair loss in San Francisco.PRP may help if you suffer hair loss in San Franciscoprp

This is a relatively new treatment for hair loss, and as such you won’t be able to get it just anywhere. You need to come down to Silicon Valley Hair Institute and that is in Foster City, but it’s only a 30-minute drive. Here you will find Dr. Miguel Canales who is one of the foremost hair restoration experts not just in California, but in the world.

Dr Canales was for ten years the Medical Director of a company called Restoration Robotics (now part of VenusConcept), and he was in charge of the team there that developed and built the ARTAS robot for hair transplantation. He has been around the world teaching other hair transplant surgeons how to use it. His whole life revolves around helping people to look great again when they have suffered from thinning hair.

PRP for hair loss in San Francisco is a new treatment that has not yet undergone a lot of clinical trials but is proving to be very successful with patients that Dr. Canales has treated. It works by taking a sample of the patients own blood and treating it, then injecting it into the scalp where there is thinning hair.

Platelet-Rich Plasma = More Hair

PRP stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma. The blood sample is placed into a centrifuge and spun, which has the effect of separating the solid and liquid parts of the blood. The result is that the solid parts have between three and five times as many platelets in them as the blood circulating in the patient’s body. Platelets are the part of the blood that commences the process of coagulation when you suffer an injury that causes bleeding, and thus kickstarts the healing process. It is thought that if you increase the platelet count in a wound the healing process would be speeded up.

When used for the medical treatment of hair loss it seems the PRP has the effect of stimulating the growth of hair follicles, thus reversing the hair miniaturization that occurs with male and female pattern baldness.

The treatment takes about an hour, and Dr. Canales repeats the process after four and eight weeks. Improvement of hair growth can be noticed from 2 – 6 months after treatment. Further ongoing treatments are required at three-month intervals depending upon the response in the individual patient.

If you think that PRP for hair loss in San Francisco may be of help to you, Dr. Canales is happy to offer you a free consult when he can assess the condition of your scalp and answer all your questions.