If You Have Thinning Hair and Are Considering PRP for Hair Loss, You Need a Specialist

PRP – Platelet-Rich Plasma – can be used to treat a number of different medical conditions, but it has only recently started to become used as a treatment for hair loss. A specialist is needed for PRP treatment for hair lossIf you are looking for the best PRP treatment for hair loss in San Mateo, you need the services of a specialist, and that means the quick trip over to Silicon Valley Hair Institute in Foster City to see our Dr Miguel Canales.

PRP for hair loss may not always be the most appropriate treatment for you as an individual, and this is why you need an examination by a specialist who can advise you accordingly. However, the good news is that PRP treatment is suitable for very many people who are suffering the embarrassment of thinning hair and want to recover their good looks permanently.

A Completely Free Consult

If this is you, and you are looking for the best PRP treatment for hair loss in San Mateo, you will be pleased to learn that Dr Canales offers all patients a completely free consult, so it will cost you nothing to establish if it is the best treatment for your condition. If Dr. Canales assesses your hair loss and you are suitable for PRP treatment, then he can commence it at the time of your consultation. It only takes about an hour.

In order to produce platelet-rich plasma, Dr. Canales takes a small sample of your own blood and spins it in a centrifuge. This has the effect of separating the solid parts of the blood from the liquid parts. The solid parts contain between three and five times as many platelets as the blood in your body, and this is used by injecting it into the thinning areas of hair on your scalp.

Platelets are what begin the process of coagulation of the blood when you suffer any sort of wound, and it appears that the more platelets there are, the faster the process of wound healing works. It seems that the PRP speeds up the growth of hair follicles, reversing the hair miniaturisation that is seen in male and female pattern hair loss.

It is necessary to repeat the process after four weeks, and then again after eight weeks. Some improvement in the growth of hair follicles can be expected in somewhere between two and six months. Treatments can be continued at three-month intervals thereafter depending upon your individual response.

So if you are suffering from thinning hair and want the best PRP treatment for hair loss in San Mateo, book your free consult with Dr Canales by clicking one of the links at the top of the page.