New Treatments for Hair Loss Using PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

Hair loss in women can be very different from that in men. Men tend to go totally bald in some areas yet can have strong growth in other areas. Women, on the other hand, generally do not go bald but can have areas of thinning hair. There is a new treatment for this problem, which is PRP for hair loss in women in the Bay Area.PRP for women with thinning hair

So, what you are wondering is: What exactly is PRP for hair loss in women in the Bay Area?

PRP stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma and is made up from your own blood. The blood contains red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and plasma, and it is the platelets which start the process of coagulation when you suffer any sort of wound. So, it is thought that if you can increase the number of platelets in a wounded area of the body it would have the effect of increasing the rate of healing. It also has the effect of boosting cell growth.

A Small Blood Sample Is Spun In A Centrifuge

The way that we use PRP for hair loss in women in the Bay Area is by taking a small sample of your blood – perhaps as little as the amount in a teaspoon – and we then spin it in what is called a centrifuge. This spins at a very high speed and will separate out the solid parts of the blood from the liquid parts. The solid parts which have been separated will contain between three and five times the amount of platelets in the normal blood that circulates in your body, hence why it is called platelet-rich plasma.

We then add platelet activators such as calcium chloride, thrombin, and sometimes collagen.

The PRP is then put into a syringe and injected into the areas of thinning hair. This will then potentially encourage thin miniaturized hairs to grow into full and thicker terminal hairs. The treatment is best suited to people suffering from thinning areas of hair as opposed to those with bald areas.

If you think that PRP for hair loss in women in the Bay Area may be something that you would wish to consider, the first thing to do is to make an appointment to see our Dr Miguel Canales at Silicon Valley Hair Institute in Foster City or our other office in Palo Alto.

If you are a suitable candidate your PRP treatment can be given straight away. It only takes about an hour. The next two treatments will be at four-week intervals and thereafter at three-month intervals depending upon your response. The treatment schedule may be modified according to your results.