PRP Is a New Hair Loss Therapy, but You Cannot Get It Everywhere

At Silicon Valley Hair Institute, we are based in Foster City and have also recently opened a branch office in Palo Alto.

A little bit of our history: our Director, Dr. Miguel Canales, is a world-renowned expert in hair restoration and is able to use a variety of different techniques to deal with hair loss in the Bay Area.PRP for hair loss is available in Foster City As a highly skilled hair restoration expert, he was for ten years the Medical Director of Restoration Robotics Inc, and he led the team which invented the ARTAS robot method of hair transplants. Up until that time, the only way to have a hair transplant was by the surgeon carrying it out manually.

A skilled surgeon can still do a very good hair transplant, but even Dr. Canales will admit that his ARTAS robot can do a better job because it is run by a computer. So, it doesn’t make any errors and it can keep working all day without tiring or requiring any down time.

When Dr Canales decided to return to running his own clinic in the Bay Area, he chose to open in Foster City because it is so central that it makes access easy for patients from everywhere else.

A Hair Transplant May Not Be The Most Appropriate Procedure

Even though the ARTAS robot is an incredible piece of equipment, a hair transplant is not necessarily the best procedure for everyone who is suffering from hair loss, and Dr Canales takes care to ensure that he is in the forefront of every new therapy that is developed.

One new method of hair restoration is PRP for hair loss therapy in Foster City. This can often prove to be the perfect solution for people with thinning hair as opposed to large bald patches. PRP for hair loss therapy in Foster City involves the use of a small amount of the patient’s own blood which is spun in a centrifuge and separates the “solid” portions of the blood, which are the platelets, from the liquid. This contains 3 – 5 times the amount of platelets that are in the normal blood circulating in the body, and these are then injected into the scalp. The result is that it stimulates the fine hairs to grow into full hairs, thus restoring the original look.

If you are suffering from thinning hair and think that PRP for hair loss in Foster City may be able to help, then the answer is to book a free consultation with Dr Canales when he can analyze the condition of your scalp and advise if this is the appropriate procedure.