In Foster City We Provide Cutting-Edge Technologies for Hair Loss

Burlingame residents are techies! They love to experience new technologies, and some are willing to try out PRP for hair loss in Burlingame. We’re right next door in Foster City, and you – too – can experience the cutting-edge therapies to mitigate the loss of your youthful hair!PRP for hair loss in the Bay Area

So what’s this all about then? PRP stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma and it is a product that is made up of using your own blood. Don’t worry – we don’t need a lot of it! PRP is brand-new technology and is making some waves in the area of hair loss as a treatment to help new hair grow. It is not suitable for all patients, but our Dr Miguel Canales at Silicon Valley Hair Institute will be able to assess your hair loss and advise you accordingly.

PRP is created by taking a sample of your own blood and spinning it in a centrifuge. This has the effect of separating the solids in the blood from the liquid. We then add platelet activators to the solid part such as thrombin, calcium chloride, and sometimes collagen. The result is concentrated blood plasma – PRP – which now contains up to five times the number of platelets that are found in the original blood circulating in the body. This is then placed into a syringe and injected into the area of hair loss in order to stimulate hair growth.

Ideal Patients Are Those With Thinning, But Not Bald, Areas

Ideal patients for PRP for hair loss in Burlingame are those with thinning hair as opposed to those with completely bald areas. The treatment takes approximately an hour, and we provide a second session after four weeks and a third four weeks later. Your response to PRP is monitored with photographs, and additional treatments are provided every three months, depending upon your response. It is thought that the use of PRP will increase the body’s response to wound healing and may actually stimulate the stem cells of newly transplanted hair follicles.

Used in conjunction with a hair transplant, whether that is manual or carried out using our ARTAS robot, PRP can be injected or sprayed into the hair recipient area in order to promote the growth of the follicles. In the case of a manual hair graft, it can also be used to hasten the recovery of the donor area in order to help with the healing of the incision and hopefully reduce the formation of a scar.

PRP for hair loss in Burlingame is a new treatment and insufficient studies have been done to demonstrate exactly how effective it is.

However, if this is a procedure that may be of interest to you, Dr. Canales offers all patients a completely free consult at which he can assess if this is an appropriate treatment. If it is, the first therapy can be carried out at the same time.